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What are the steps to getting therapy?
Step 1 - Doctor's Referral
Correspond with your child's pediatrician as soon as you identify a potential concern that may require therapy services.  Once the pediatrician recommends therapy services, he/she will send a referral to a therapy provider like Pediatric Therapy Works.  If Pediatric Therapy Works is the provider you prefer, make sure you tell the pediatrician so he/she knows to send the referral to us.  
Step 2 - Initial Evaluation
Once your pediatrician sends your referral to Pediatric Therapy Works, we'll contact you to schedule an initial evaluation with a Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, and/or a Speech Therapist (depending on the instructions in the pediatrician's referral ).  The initial evaluation includes specific testing to diagnose your child's condition. The information from the evaluation will also be used to develop a customized therapy plan to treat your child's condition.
Step 3 - Insurance Authorization
Therapy services are typically covered by an insurance company (Medicaid, Rightcare, Blue Cross, Scott & White Health Plan, United Health Care, etc). So, in this step of the process we send the results of our initial evaluation to the appropriate insurance company.  They will review the specifics of your coverage along with our initial evaluation and provide a formal authorization for us to begin providing therapy services to your child.
Step 4 - Therapy
Once we receive authorization, your therapist will contact you to schedule routine therapy sessions. 
Will my insurance cover therapy services?
Every heath insurance policy is different.  But, with a doctor's referral and orders, most health insurance policies will cover therapy services.  Before we perform any services, we will work with your insurance company to determine the specifics of your health insurance coverage and communicate it to you.
How long and how often are therapy sessions?
Frequency and duration of therapy sessions will vary depending on your child's individual needs and rate of progress.
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